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Protest a ban
Before you proceed make sure you first check our banlist and search it by clicking here if you are listed and for what reason.
If you do find yourself listed on the banlist and find the reason for this to be untrue you can write a protest.

Your Details:
Ban Type:
Your SteamID*:
Reason why you should be unbanned *: (Be as descriptive as possible)
Your Email*:
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What happens after you posted your protest?
The admins will get notified of your protest. They will then review if the ban is conclusive. After reviewing you will get a reply, which usally means within 24 hours.

Note: Sending emails with threats to our admins, scolding or shouting will not get you unbanned and in fact we will delete your protest right away!
CSGO PC recomened specs:
CPU core speed > 3.4Ghz ,
GPU AMD RX 470 - nVidia 1070 Ti,
Ram > 4Gb ,
SSD Drive
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